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When it comes to choosing a WordPress theme for your website, you should not necessarily look for more bells and whistles. There are plenty of minimalist and clean themes available that would give your website a much better chance to gain some traction with your first time visitors. Tesla for WordPress is one of those themes. Tesla is a business theme for WordPress that is very clean and easy to customize. The first thing that stands out the first time you check this theme out is its clean design. Tesla does look very professional, which is what you want to see in any decent premium theme.

For starters, you can change the pattern on your pages by picking from one of the 11 patterns available in this theme. The home page is pretty flexible and should be more than enough to help you promote your work. It does have 2 slide show layouts with 11 effects. Tesla for WordPress comes with 6 custom widgets (including recent tweets, recent posts with images, popular posts with thumbnails, Flickr, contact, navigation). The theme does support video too.

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WordPress is one of the most flexible content management systems around. It makes managing all kinds of information much easier. You don’t have to spend a fortune to pick up themes that can help you get the job done in a more professional manner. Here are just 5 ways you can use WordPress to manage information:

Build a content aggregator: themes such as Accumulo and OneNews let you aggregate content from all kinds of sources (as long as we are talking RSS here). They can be used to start an AllTop clone or a similar type of website with WordPress.

Start a Wiki: knowledge management themes such as KnowPress let you start Wiki or content bank websites. These types of websites can be very popular depending on how hard you work on them. [click to continue…]


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ThemeForest is one of the best places to pick up premium themes for your WordPress website. It has plenty of affordable and professional looking themes that you can use as a starting place to develop a killer website. If you are looking for creative WordPress themes, ThemeForest has plenty of choices available for you. You could spend hours going through all the themes available in this marketplace. These 6 creative themes stand out for their quality of design and ease-of-use:

London Creative+: a super attractive theme that you can use to promote your creative business. It’s super image friendly and very dynamic. It takes full advantage of jQuery and looks very sophisticated.

Gateway Studio: great solution if you are planning to bring your creative studio online. It can be used for a personal or professional photoblog too.

The PaperCore: a flexible creative theme that has 7 templates, 4 themes, 2 jQuery sliders, and 4 dynamic sidebars to give you maximum flexibility when it comes to modifying the look and feel of your website.

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We have all heard this before: “you can do everything with WordPress.” That’s actually true. WordPress is a powerful open source content management system that can handle any type of website, as long as you have the right theme. Best of all, in most cases, you won’t have to break the bank to get the job done.

If you are interested in adopting WordPress, here are 50 things you can do it right-away:

1. Create an Online Store

Starting an online store with WordPress couldn’t get any easier these days. There are plenty of WordPress themes that let you start your online store and don’t cost you much. There are some plugins that let you do that too.

2. Start a Job Board

A job board can add a whole new dimension to your blog. It can not only help employers reach out to your community, it also provides unique value to your readers. The times are tough and any help you can provide your reader can only solidify your community. These job board themes let you start a job board with WordPress quickly.

3. Start a Forum

Lots of people use phpBB and vBulletin to start their forums. Did you know that you can do that with WordPress too? gForums is a good theme to do just that (our review).

4. Develop a Classified Website

Sites such as Craigslist are very popular and quite useful for people who are looking for things they may not be able to find in stores. Of course, there is a whole lot more to Craigslist. Nevertheless, with these classified themes, you can start your own free or paid classified listing website fast.

5. Go Micro-blogging

Everybody has seen Twitter and sites similar to that. It’s nice to be involved in those communities but sometimes you want to have your very own micro-blog. Thanks to micro-blogging themes such as this one you can get the job done quickly.

6. Go for a Celebrity Website

Celebrity blogging is not for everyone. It can be very lucrative if you know what you are doing though. Thanks to WordPress celebrity themes, you can start your own celebrity portal using WP platform.

7. Clone Everything with WordPress

That’s right. Facebook, Digg, Twitter, and CNN can all be cloned using WordPress. These WP clone themes should get you started.

8. Take your Restaurant Business Online

If you own an offline food business, there is no reason you should not start a website for your business to connect with your customers. These WordPress restaurant themes let you do just that.

9. Start an Online Presence For Your Retail Business

Those of you who own an offline retail business and want to reach out to more prospects online can use these retail themes to get started in a flash.

10. Become a Pro Blogger

Those of you who are passionate about blogging and want to go full-time with your blogging efforts are going to love using WordPress. These pro-blogging themes should give you a head-start with your efforts. [click to continue…]


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Building a non profit business is no easy tasks. Your goal as a non-profit business are very much different than a for-profit business, and there are different rules to the game. But just because you own a non-profit business does not mean that you should not have a decent presence online. After all, you want more people to find out about your cause and what you are about. That can be done easier with your own business website. Thanks to NonProfit theme for WordPress, you can start a good looking website without spending a fortune doing it. If you are running short on funds, that’s probably the best way to go.

NonProfit Theme comes with everything you need to start your non-profit website fast and customize it quickly. The theme has a portal look and feel to it. While it has the perfect look and feel for a non-profit eco business, you can obviously change things around to make the site fit your cause. Just like most other modern themes, this theme comes with its own options page, so you’ll have an easy time making changes to the theme.

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The WordPress market has never been better real estate professionals. There are plenty of real estate professionals that hesitate a bit before taking their business online. After all, the cost of having a real estate website designed can be prohibitive for those who are just getting started as a real estate agent. That’s where real estate themes such as deCondo come in to play. They make it easy to take your real estate business online and generate more leads for your venture without breaking the bank.

The theme is designed to make life easy for you and your visitors. It comes with a very powerful featured section that you can use to showcase the best properties that you have under listing. Your visitors can also use the embedded search functionality to search through your listings by price, region or type. The option page allows you to easily customize your featured section and select the categories that you want to be displayed there.

You also get more listings displayed under the main featured section. The theme is image friendly, so you are not going to have too much trouble adding your images and uploading your listings to your website.

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In case you haven’t noticed, StudioPress has released a new theme framework to make it easier for people to come up with new themes by using the framework as a starting point. In fact, there are many other developers who have developed frameworks to make it easier for designers to come up with new WordPress themes fast. Mocha Theme by StudioPress is a theme based on Genesis platform that lets you build your clean, professional looking WordPress portal fast.

Genesis Framework is a clean, fast way to get started with your own theme fast. If you are a designer and know how to code like a pro, then Genesis Framework can be a time saving investment for you. But if you know nothing about programming, you can use a theme such as Mocha to start your own portal fast. The theme is not only clean, but it’s search engine friendly as well. So you can start getting free traffic from search engines as you add your content.

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