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Every small business needs to have a professional presence these days. In many cases, it makes sense for small business owners to accept bookings online. Entrepreneur for WordPress is just the theme for such projects. Whether you are a contractor, physician, stylist, or personal trainer, this theme can help.

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WordPress may be a great platform for bloggers and online publishers. It provides them with everything they need to bring their content online. It does have benefits for small and large businesses too. Creating a portal, landing page, and business portfolio can’t be any easier with WordPress. Here are just 16 ways businesses can take advantage of WordPress:

Bring your corporate presence online: themes such as Nova allow businesses to go online and start connecting with prospects and existing customers more effectively.

Start a Knowledge Base: creating an information management system for your business can help you and your team stay on the right track and save some time in the process. Thankfully, there is a theme for that.

Gather feedback from your customers: every business needs to keep up with its customers and provide them with after-sale support. Themes such as Feedback Engine make creating a support system easy for businesses.

Create a Wiki: Wikis are great for businesses to communicate internally or externally with their customers. WordPress wiki theme is one of many themes you can use to create your own Wiki with WordPress. [click to continue…]


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If you have just started your start-up or are planning to, there is no excuse in not having a website set up for your venture. People are not going to care too much about your business if you don’t take time to connect with them online and offline. Thankfully, you can find plenty of start-up themes for WordPress to get your site up and running quickly.

Here are 15 WordPress themes for startups that should give you some ideas:

Display 3-1 Business: one of the most dynamic themes around for start-ups and small businesses. It’s pretty flashy and can be used for all types of start-ups.

Productz: can be used to promote your existing and upcoming products. It has a pretty clean look and feel to it. Comes with 6 color styles and supports videos too.

Corner Stone: takes advantage of WebSharks framework for WordPress to bring your visitors a more dynamic experience. It is easy to customize and is social media friendly.

Inspire: another theme for start-ups that has a homepage with a featured area powered by jQuery and can be used to promote multiple products.

BizPress: a no nonsense business theme that is multimedia and social media friendly. It has 4 color styles and a jQuery slider to get you started on the right foot.

eConsultant: an attractive theme that targets consultants and free-lancers. It can be used by other types of small businesses too. It is easy to customize. [click to continue…]


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While WordPress is used by the majority of bloggers on the Internet, the recent wave of businesses switching to this platform should be very encouraging for the people behind WordPress. In truth, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to build a corporate website these days. If you are a startup, you are going to need all the savings you can get. So why not use WordPress to build your corporate blog?

If you are a startup owner and want to build your online presence fast, there is no better way to do it than picking a decent corporate theme for WordPress. iBusiness is a flexible, easy to use theme that lets you set up your site and start promoting it all on the same day. It’s designed specifically for businesses who don’t want to spend too much money on an attractive theme and don’t want to mess with the code either.

The logo at the top is easily customizable. It’s also useful that the search box and RSS feed button are located at the top, making it easy for your prospects to subscribe to your updates or search your website for the service they are looking for. The main page consists of your corporate information, your services, and your Twitter updates. You also get a slider at the top that you can use to promote your best products to your visitors. Adding content to these sliders is very easy so you won’t have to spend too much time on that.

The back-end is very powerful as well. You can change a lot of features of your website from the back-end. What I love about this theme is the fact that it’s so easy to localize it. The developers have made the process possible, so if you own a corporation in other countries, you can easily change the language with this theme. The theme is also SEO friendly as well. It comes with breadcrumbs to help search engines navigate through your pages easier.

All in all, whether you are a small business owner or just getting started with your startup, you are going to save a lot of money and time by adopting iBusiness. It’s search engine optimized, well-designed, and comes with a clean, flexible code. It doesn’t hurt that it’s affordable either ($59).


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If you are lucky enough to run a startup, you are familiar with the numerous challenges that you have to face to run your venture more effectively. One of the biggest challenges for startups is find a way to promote their products while staying within your budget limits. It’s easy to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to create a killer website, but if you can’t get a decent return on your investment, your are going to be in trouble soon.

Feature Pitch is a cool WordPress theme for startups that lets you create landing page, product pages, and mini-sites without having to spend thousands of dollars on design and development. All you need is a good web host, a good product, and you are set to go.


WooThemes is known for creating some of the most flexible themes for WordPress. Feature Pitch is no different. You can easily change things around and customize the theme to fit your business needs. The WooThemes Framework Backend makes it easy to customize your theme without having to right your own code. You get a main feature section to promote your top product or your main pitch and a few mini pitches to promote your product’s features or other products. Just think about it. If you replace the box with an iPhone, and the mini features with iPhone features, you are going to have one heck of a landing page. So it’s easy to apply this theme to almost any product.


The theme comes in 9 different colors and is fully optimized to be video and social media ready. You also get the stand image re-sizer and Gravatar support with this theme as well. What I like about this theme is that it’s page based, meaning that you will have more control on how your home page is displayed. Adding videos to your theme is not that hard either. Best of all, the theme is optimized for search engines and comes with page navigation and breadcrumbs.

All in all, Feature Pitch is a very decent WordPress theme for startups. It’s designed to help you promote your startup products and gain exposure for them. And you don’t have to spend a fortune to get your hands on Feature Pitch. Great way to go live with a product fast.

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WordPress is a highly flexible CMS that can be used to set up personal or corporate blogs fast. In fact, you are not limited to blogs and can create portals and fully-fledged websites with WordPress. You just have to find the right theme for your project. If you are looking to set up your business website or upgrade your corporate web page, here are 45 premium, high quality WordPress themes you should consider:


1. Divi: a smart theme with 18 pre-made layouts and the Divi Builder, allowing you to customize how your site looks. It has a responsive design. You can use this theme for all kinds of websites.


2. Executive Pro: an elegant theme with 7 color styles and 3 layout options. It lets you customize its header and background conveniently. The theme features HTML5 markup and a responsive design.

3. Nova Theme: a great looking theme for startups, agencies, and other small businesses. It has 6 color schemes and offers automated thumbnail resizing. ePanel makes it easy to customize.

4. Enterprise Theme: has a clean and highly customizable front-page with 5 unique color schemes for webmasters to choose from. Its back-end can be used to manage navigation, SEO, analytics, and ad settings.

5. DynamiX: it has 20 outer skins and 2 inner skins. It takes full advantage of jQuery to bring a more dynamic experience to your website. [click to continue…]


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