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All webmasters want to grow their business and get more traffic to their websites. Many of them make the mistake of only focusing on their native traffic. People from other countries may visit your site too. Not everyone can actually read your mother language. Translating your WordPress content for your international visitors would help them keep up with your content more conveniently. These 5 tools let you do just that:

Wibiya: the social toolbar that we use on our site. It has a ton of applications you can add to it to make your website more interactive. That includes translator apps too. [click to continue…]


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In a perfect world, we’d all speak one language and there’d be no reason to even consider translating our websites to other languages. Unfortunately, that is probably never going to happen. Thanks to plugins such as GTranslate, you can easily let your visitors translate your website’s content into their favorite language and enjoy your content like everyone else. GTranslate takes advantage of Google’s translation service to let you go international with your website. It supports 58 languages from around the globe, so most of your visitors should be able to get something out of your website.

Once you install GTranslate, you will have the chance to modify its behavior from its options page. You can easily define the default language for your translation widget. GTranslate does allow you to keep track of the action taken on your site (as far as translations are concerned). If you are planning to target only a handful of languages, you can just turn the “show dropdown” feature off. [click to continue…]


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