3 Pre-order Plugins for WooCommerce

November 8th in Wordpress Plugins by .

Many online stores accept pre-orders and ship items to their customers as soon as they have them in stock. You don’t need to spend a whole lot of money to add such a feature to your own store. In fact, these WooCommerce plugins allow you to handle pre-orders easier:


WooCommerce PrePurchase: lets your visitors pre-order items on your website. You do have the option to charge your customers on availability date.


WooCommerce Pre-Orders: allows you to sell pre-orders for products and upcoming services in your WooCommerce store. Users can automatically or manually release orders, e-mail all customers who have preordered, or even charge a fee for a pre-order.

advance order

WooCommerce Advance Order Status: lets you add custom order statuses to your shop and send email notifications when they change. You can set a color for each order status and make bulk changes.

Have you found better plugins to handle advance orders? Please share them here.

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