3 Must See WooCommerce Sales Map Plugins

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You can’t expect to grow your business at a steady rate if you don’t understand your audience and locations your products are popular. You can always look that information up on Google Analyics. These 3 WooCommerce Sales Map plugins can also help:

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WooCommerce Sales By Location Report: adds a section to WooCommere backend to let you see sales by location on a map. It shows locations by shipping/billing address and number of orders.

WooCommerce Sales Map: lets you display which part of the world you have sold products using Google Maps. It has city/state level of details. You can use shipping or billing address.

Advanced WooCommerce Reporting: visualizes your store data to help you make better sense of everything. It shows you a report of recent orders, top product views, coupons, and more. It has pie and bar charts. It also shows sales summary on a map.

Have you found more useful WooCommerce sales map plugins? Please share them here.

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