5 WordPress Themes for Teams

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You can’t grow your business without the right team behind you. In this day and age, your team members don’t even have to be on the same continent for you to complete projects. Effective team collaboration is still key to success in the business world. There are many powerful tools available for teams. These 5 WordPress themes for teams could also help businesses keep their employees on the right track:

team talk

TeamTalk: a unique team that facilitates real time collaboration across your team. It has a responsive, customizable design. It supports front-end profile edits, post creation, and login.

Quality Control: transforms your website into a issue tracking system. It offers Git and SVN integration. You will be able to share documents and images, define project goals, collaborate on tickets, and do a whole lot more.


Ideas: you can’t grow your business if you are not constantly looking for ideas to create new products and offer more value to your customers. Ideas is just the theme you need to start gathering ideas and work within your team to implement them.


ProjectPress: a theme for project management. You can manage tasks and projects, assign multiple owners to projects, and do a whole lot more. The theme is responsive and translation ready. It even has a chat feature.


KnowHow: a useful plugin to manage knowledge across your organization. It has a responsive design and offers live search. KnowHow also supports video post formats.

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You will need more than a couple of pretty themes to manage your team effectively. But the above themes allow you to set the right foundation for your team to achieve bigger things.

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