WP SEO Propeller Adds an On-page SEO Analysis Tool To WordPress

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Google and other search engines keep getting smarter, so they will be able to deliver more relevant results to searchers in the future. SEO is more than just on-page optimization but there are simple fixes you can perform to increase your site’s chances of getting ranked higher. WP SEO Propeller is a tool that performs an analysis of your URL, title, meta tags, site speed, images, and code to find you areas to improve your site.

WP SEO Propeller lets you and your visitors generate on-page  SEO reports for any given URL or keyword combination. Webmasters have the option to add certain constraints to limit SEO reports and improvement suggestions only to logged-in users. The plugin performs text analysis to let you know about keyword density and other important factors. It also suggests ways to improve your code.

Webmasters can customize the plugin’s appearance from the back-end. They also get to monitor the # of SEO reports generated every day.

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