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Elegant Themes is one of the best places to buy a quality WordPress theme. We have covered many of their products here in the past. Whether you want to start an online shop, give your blog a makeover, or build a professional presence for your corporation, Elegant Themes has a product for you. The all powerful ePanel makes it much easier to customize the themes that you choose.

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Black Friday is here. I know many WordPress blogs have already posted great deals for today. I wanted to wail till the last minute to carefully study all the deals available. Whether you are interested in buying new themes, learning how to code or moving to a new web hosting plan, there is a deal out there for you:

WordPress Themes – Black Friday Deals

This is a great time to pick up premium themes and save some money in the process. Here are a few theme developers that we recommend: [click to continue…]


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May 11th in Wordpress Tips, WP Stuff by .

Digital currencies such as Bitcoin are getting more attention from regular folks these days. Some merchants have started accepting payments in Bitcoin. Learning how to send and receive Bitcoins is not that difficult but you want to do your homework to make sure you don’t make disastrous mistakes.

We have already covered how you can accept Bitcoin payments on your e-commerce site. Those of you who accept donations on your site may want to keep Bitcoin in mind. There are many ways to add “Donate Bitcoin” buttons to your site. Here are 3 simple ways to do it:


Bitpay Donate Button: this button allows you to accept Bitcoin donations on your website. It supports Click-to-Pay URI, Scan-to-Pay QR code, and Copy/paste payment methods. [click to continue…]


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March 28th in WP Stuff by .

In the past few months, we have covered plenty of awesome Pinterest plugins you can take advantage of to make WordPress Pinterest-friendly. Adding the “Pin It” button to your posts and linking your website to your Pinterest profile are must-do. But you should also monitor how your business is performing on Pinterest. That’s where Pinterest Analytics comes into play. It is a handy feature that shows which of your posts are getting the most pins and repins.

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March 12th in WP Stuff by .

We have been using WPtouch to make our websites smartphone friendly for a long time. The script is generally reliable and does what it promises well. But it does not play well with every plugin you install. A few months ago, we started having some annoying issues with the plugin. For instance, the iPhone version of our site was showing up on desktop or tablet computers. In some other cases, the iPhone skin would stop working on all pages expect the homepage. As it turned out, W3 Total Cache was partially responsible for this issue (our fault). We needed to configure W3 Total Cache to get it to play nice with WPtouch.

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December 24th in WP Stuff by .

Most books come with a glossary section to save readers time looking up the information they are interested about. You don’t need to be a book publisher to understand the importance of including a glossary section on your blog. It could make your website more user-friendly. These 3 glossary plugins enhance your website and offers a richer experience to your readers:

WP Glossary: lets you build a glossary for your website and link terms in your posts to it. This plugin increases your chances of keeping your visitors on your website for longer. [click to continue…]


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Most WordPress webmasters rely on free plugins to enhance their websites. There are plenty of awesome premium plugin developers around too. WebFactory happens to be one of them. We have been recommending many of their products to our clients and readers for quite some time now. Security Ninja, Login Ninja, and Core Scanner are all plugins we have covered here. But the guys at WebFactory have many more quality scripts for WordPress webmasters to take advantage of. Here are 3 plugins you can use to prepare your website for the upcoming holidays: [click to continue…]


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