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Depending on the type of community you run online, you may not want your members to post profanity or abusive comments to your site. You can always watch out for those types of comments manually. Here are 3 profanity filter plugins that make the job much easier.

WP Content Filter: filters out profanity, abusive material, and other keywords of your choosing on your website. You can choose which parts of your website you want to filter and how the plugin should go about doing it.
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Plenty of web publishers spend the majority of their time creating killer content for their websites. There is nothing wrong with that approach. Content is king after all. But as a webmaster, you should also pay attention to exploits and malware affecting WordPress sites and take measures to prevent your site from getting compromised. Adding a security firewall to your WordPress install may stop many hack attacks. But it won’t stop everything. These 5 anti-malware tools help you keep your website clean and secure:

Sucuri: an affordable web integrity monitor for your website. It detects unauthorized changes to your website and helps you remove malware from it. [click to continue…]


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Those who do not have a highly popular website probably do not get too many hack attacks on their websites. But as soon as your website starts getting any decent amount of traffic, you are going to see an increase in the number of attacks on your website. Installing a few security plugins and taking precaution with your sensitive data can go along way towards keeping your site secure against these types of attacks.

Adding a firewall to your WordPress install is one way to keep hackers out. Firewall plugins keep hackers and their queries from messing with your site and its database. No blog is hack proof. But the more difficult you make the process, the less likely it is for your website’s walls to get breached. These 6 firewall WordPress plugins let you do just that:

WordPress Firewall 2: a powerful firewall for your WordPress site that investigates requests and blocks the most obvious attacks. It protects your plugins as well. Best of all, it informs you when your site is being attacked. Sometimes, this could be too strong though.

Block Bad Queries (BBQ): takes care of suspicious URLs to keep your blog secure against malicious URL request attacks. Works great on older WordPress versions too. [click to continue…]


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Spam is one of the biggest issues to deal with for all webmasters. Spam can not only be annoying but also dangerous at times. Most new bloggers may not have to worry about spam as long as they have Akismet or similar solutions installed. But as soon as your website becomes popular, new challenges arise. These 10 anti-spam plugins for WordPress can help you tackle those issues:

Akismet: a great plugin for beginners and advanced users. In fact, you should not go live with your blog without having this plugin (or an alternative) turned on.

WP-reCAPTCHA: CAPTCHA can’t stop all spam comments and registrations. At the same time, it can make life difficult for spammers who want to mess with your website.

AVH First Defense Against Spam: checks comments before they are posted to your website and blocks spammers before they can do any harm.

Fast Secure Contact Form: so you thought your e-mail account would be safe against spammers when you used a contact form plugin? That is simply not true. This plugin lets you protect your forms and contact page against spammers. [click to continue…]


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If you are running a WordPress blog, you are probably familiar with the pain of blog spams. Some folks make a living by acting like leeches and writing automated robots that post comments to WordPress blogs. These comments are often garbage and are designed to send a link back to the site owner’s site. WordPress spamming is a big issue, and unfortunately too many folks are in the business of spamming.

For long I have used Akismet to manage spam comments on my blog, but WordPress does not come with captcha which means if you leave your comments open, there is a chance that folks will use that to their advantage. But the good thing about WordPress is the fact that there are a lot of folks who dedicate their time to making the platform better for everyone. That’s how Cryptographp has come about. This plug-in adds a captcha piece to your comment template, which means folks can’t just spam your blog with automated software. Don’t get me wrong. Cryptographp does not end the issue of WordPress spamming. However, it can reduce your blog’s spams significantly.

Cryptographp is a free WordPress plug-in and is very easy to install. Combined with Askimet, you can expect folks to have a hell of a time trying to spam your WordPress blog. You can download Cryptographp here.


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