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You don’t need me to tell you why Facebook should be a part of your social media strategy. It can drive lots of traffic to your website if you target its users the right way. Many folks add great content to their Facebook page on a daily basis. With these 4 Facebook lightbox plugins, they can better promote their Facebook presence:


Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox: lets your visitors know about your Facebook page, so people can keep up with your updates. It shows your Facebook Like Box inside a lightbox. [click to continue…]


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Facebook is still the most popular social network around. It can drive a ton of traffic to your website if you play your cards right. You need great content and a solid Facebook strategy to succeed. Letting your audience know about your most recent activities is also important. Here are 4 plugins that add recent Facebook posts and activities to your site:

facebook posts

Recent Facebook Posts: as the name indicates, this plugin shows your most recent Facebook posts from your public page on your website. Just use its shortcode or widget, and you are set. [click to continue…]


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Facebook is one of the most popular social networks around. It has millions of active users contributing to it on a daily basis. The site can bring your business a ton of free traffic. You need to have a real Facebook strategy to succeed though. At the very least, you should add Facebook buttons and Like boxes to your website. The Facebook Likebox Slider can also help. It is a social slider plugin that allows you to promote your social media profiles professionally.

facebook slider [click to continue…]


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Many of us are active on social networking sites such as Facebook. Your posts on Facebook may get lots of comments but those are not stored in your WordPress database. The same applies to the comments your content receive on Facebook and YouTube. Want to store those comments in your own database? These 5 comment importers have you covered:

fb importer

FB Comments Importer: imports comments from your Facebook page into your WordPress comments system. You can import comments from regular posts, images or statuses. [click to continue…]


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Facebook can potentially drive a ton of traffic to your website. Getting more likes and followers on the site is not easy or everyone would be doing it. You are going to need great content and a well-thought-out Facebook strategy to succeed. The least you can do is let your visitors know that you have a presence on Facebook and remind them to like your site before leaving. Here are 8 plugins you can use to promote your Facebook presence more aggressively:


Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox: use this plugin to let your visitors know about your Facebook page. You don’t need an API key to use this. You can display the Facebook lightbox with or without a delay. [click to continue…]


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Not everyone is a fan of popups. In fact, most of us hate those annoying popups and use various tools to avoid them. There is a good reason many top sites use popups though. They use them to get more people to sign up for their newsletters, join their Facebook page, and take advantage of limited time deals. We have tested plenty of awesome popup plugins in the past few months. Ninja Popups has worked the best for us considering the fact that it supports the most popular newsletter services (such as AWeber and MailChimp) and can serve as a social network locker.

ninja popups [click to continue…]


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WordPress already has a basic commenting system you can take advantage of to manage discussions on your website. Disqus, Google+, and Facebook comments could make your website more engaging for your visitors. Let’s not forget that many of your visitors are already active on sites like Facebook, so they are more likely to leave a comment on your website if you let them use their social media accounts. We have already covered how you can add Facebook, Disqus, and Google+ Comments to your website. But what if you want to have them all active at the same time? The Comments Evolved plugin has you covered.

comments evolved [click to continue…]

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