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Elegant Themes should not need any introduction to those of you who have followed premium WordPress themes lately. The team has built some amazing products in the past few years. Their work has become much more sophisticated over the years. Themes like Divi are capable of handling all kinds of websites. In order to get the most out of your Elegant Themes template, you need to learn a thing or two about the ePanel. You should also install the right plugins to enhance your site’s capabilities. Here are 11 things you should consider doing after installing an Elegant Themes theme:


Upload a Logo: ePanel makes this so easy to do. Just go to General Settings, enter a URL for your logo or upload a new file. [click to continue…]


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Have you ever seen a beautiful HTML website and wanted to convert its design into a theme for your WordPress site? The process is not that hard but it could scare off folks who are not strong coders. You could always use these HTML template to WordPress theme converters and resources to simplify the process:

theme matcher

Theme Matcher: offers automatic HTML to WordPress conversion. Just enter your site, select the appropriate area, and you are almost done. Theme Matcher takes images, styles, and layout from your existing website. [click to continue…]

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WP e-Commerce is one of the most popular e-commerce plugins around (alongside Jigoshop, WooCommerce, and Cart66). It makes putting together a sophisticated e-commerce site using WordPress a piece of cake. WP e-Commerce will take care of the back-end for you. But you are still going to need a beautiful front-end to attract customers and sell your products. These 15 WP eCommerce themes give your online store an attractive look:

Kassyopea: works for e-commerce and corporate sites. It has a eye-catching design with 8 color schemes. You get various custom post types, page layouts, and fonts.

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August 8th in e-Shop Solutions, Theme Lists, WordPress Themes by .

WordPress is more than a content management system for blogs. Many folks are using it to power sophisticated portals and even e-commerce stores. There are a number of powerful plugins you can adopt to turn your WordPress site into an online store. WooCommerce, WP e-Commerce, JigoShop, and Cart66 stand out for us. These 25 WordPress themes and the mentioned plugins make building your online store super easy:

WooCommerce Themes:

WooCommerce happens to be one of the most popular e-commerce plugins available for WordPress. The developers at WooThemes have done a wonderful job improving the platform over the years. These WooCommerce themes help you build your own online store fast:


Bazar Shop: a clean and attractive theme for this plugin. It has a ton of awesome features such as custom checkout pages, a wishlist feature, and a popup plugin for offers and news. [click to continue…]


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We have covered plenty of backup plugins here in the past. Cloud storage costs are not that high these days, so you can store your backups in the cloud without having to go broke. The challenge is to automate the process in a reliable fashion. Doing your backups manually is not smart anyway. Here are 7 Dropbox backup WordPress plugins you can use to automatically send your files to the cloud:


UpdraftPlus Backup: lets you backup your files to Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Rackspace. Files and databases can have separate schedules. Failed uploaded are retried. This plugin supports encryption. [click to continue…]

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Want to become a WordPress ninja? Knowing how to install plugins or make small changes to your theme does not cut it. You should take time to become familiar with CSS, PHP, MySQL, and other technologies that are required to run a WordPress site smoothly. Knowing how to handle SQL queries, post types, shortcodes, and other aspects of WordPress is important too. You don’t have to do all the coding on your own though. Once you know your stuff, you can use these WordPress code generators to get your projects done faster:


Generate WP: these guys have a number of useful code generators for WordPress. Their tools cover wp-config.php, post types, shortcodes, menus, and sidebar codes. [click to continue…]


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WordPress is being used by most bloggers. It makes managing blogs and content portals a piece of cake. Adding content to your WordPress site using a modern browser is very easy. Managing your blog on your iPad should not be a hassle. These 5 WordPress apps help you manage your blog on your tablet more effectively:


Poster: a fairly decent blogging app for WordPress. It works on the iPad and iPhone. It lets you manage your WordPress.com and WordPress.org blogs. [click to continue…]


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