5 CloudFlare Plugins for WordPress

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CloudFlare has a lot to offer bloggers, small businesses, and anyone who runs a website these days. It can speed up your website, protect your site against online threats, and provide a better experience for your visitors. You don’t necessarily need a plugin to use CloudFlare, but these 5 CloudFlare plugins make it easier to manage your account from your website:

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CloudFlare: this plugin makes sure your site runs well on the CloudFlare platform. It shows correct IP address information and offers better protection against spammers.

cloud flare cache

CloudFlare Cache Purge: this plugin purges your entire CloudFlare cache or any specific URL manually. It can also do so every time a new post has been updated.

cloudflare threat

CloudFlare Threat Management: allows you to manage banning, clearing of IP addresses, and other tasks. It plays well with other security plugins such as WordFence.


TT CloudFlare: this plugin has not been updated for a while but when I used it, it did a decent job adding a CNAME record to my CloudFlare when I created a new site.


WP-DenyHost: denies spammers from accessing your website. It can add spammers to your block list on CloudFlare.

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Most of us can manage without these plugins as CloudFlare is very solid when you set it up correctly. Nevertheless, you may be able to save yourself some time with these.

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