How to Redirect WordPress Visitors by Location: 3 Geo Redirection Plugins

August 20th in Plugin Lists by .

In the past few years, we have covered a whole host of plugins that let you create custom redirects without having to use .htaccess and NGINX directives. Have you ever wanted to redirect your visitors based on their location? These 3 geo redirection plugins can help:

WP GeoIP Country Redirect: lets you add location-based redirect rules for a specific page, category, or sidewide.

WP Geo IP Action: this geo redirection plugin helps you remove unwanted traffic from certain cities or countries. It supports MaxMind, IP-API, and Geoplugin for getting IP data. You have the option to exclude pages from your rules.

IP2Location Redirection: allows you to redirect visitors to a specific page based on their location. It supports 301 & 302 redirect methods.

Have you found better location-based redirection WordPress plugins? Please share them here.

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