Hotspots with Comments Lets Your Visitors Create Hotspots On Your Images

September 24th in Wordpress Plugins by .

In the past few months, we have covered plenty of cool plugins that let you add dynamic hotspots to your images. Have you ever wanted to let your visitors do so with their comments? Hotspots with Comments is just the plugin for the job. It allows anyone to click on your images and create a hotspot to add a comment.

You can use this plugin to get feedback on a new design, get comments on upcoming products, and other similar purposes. You can choose over 350 icons to choose from. The plugin is 100% responsive and supports text, image, and video hotspots.

Webmasters can moderate hotspots like comments. They can be displayed publicly or kept private. DeEindbaas is the coder behind this interesting plugin.

[where to find it]

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