How To: Add Twitter Lists To Your WordPress Blog

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In case you haven’t noticed, Twitter has recently released a killer feature called Twitter Lists that allows you to group Twitter users under different lists, follow other people’s lists, and get added to the lists based on your tweets. Twitter Lists is yet another way to manage information more effectively on Twitter and get around the noise. You can build a comprehensive list of top people to follow for any niche overtime and share it with others to save them time. Thanks to Twitter List Widget, you can now easily add lists to your blog and help others get involved in the party as well.

Twitter widget comes with an easy to use interface that lets you customize your widget before installing it on your blog. You get a chance to define what list you want to display on your blog, how you want your widget to look, and what dimensions you want to choose for your widget. You can also give your List widget a title and a caption as well. You want to make sure your title and caption are clear to your users in order to give your users an idea what the list is about.

If you happen to know anything about coding, you can easily bypass the widget and customize the look and feel within the code:

Pay a close attention to set list function. The first parameter should be your (or anybody else’s) user name and the second should be the name of the list. You can also define the title, subject (caption), width, and height here as well. All in all, if you are looking to bring Twitter Lists to your blog, you won’t have to anything other than copying and pasting the above code and changing the parameters to your likings. It’s that simple.

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