5 Click to Tweet Plugins for WordPress

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Twitter is still one of the most popular social networking sites around, capable of driving a ton of traffic to your website. Making it easier for your visitors to tweet your posts is one way to have more success on the site. These 5 click to tweet plugins can help with that:

Currently trending WordPress plugins

Better Click To Tweet: lets you create tweetable content for your readers using a simple shortcode.

TweetDis: lets you add tweet boxes and pop-ups to your website. It is responsive and fully customizable. You can adjust borders, change fonts, and modify other settings.

Awesome Click To Tweet: has a customizable design with fonts, templates, and animations built-in. Lets you add as many tweet boxes as you prefer.

Click To Tweet: allows you to create links that let your visitors tweet your content fast. Link tracking with analysis is also built-in.

Tweetable: pretty simple to use. Simply select some text and click on the tweetable button to add the appropriate shortcode to your posts.

Have you found better click-to-tweet plugins? Please share them here.

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