How To Display The Right Title with SEO all-in-One

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If you are serious about blogging and using the WordPress system, you should definitely try to optimize it for search engines so you get ranked high and get some free traffic. One very handy plug-in that allows you to do just that is SEO all-in-one pack plugin. It allows you to change the title and META tags for each page on your blog. So you can put keywords that are in your post inside your title tags (and everything gets done automatically).

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But not every blog is compatible with this SEO plugin. The theme that I am using for this blog was not compatible with SEO blog. The title would not show for the homepage, and that is a big deal if you are trying to get ranked for anything. So here is what you need to do to fix the issue if your title is not showing up.

  1. Go to your Design tab on your WordPress blog.
  2. Search for the following: <?php wp_title(‘ ‘); ?>
  3. Grab the <title> before the above statement and copy through </title>.
  4. Paste it right after where it says <head>

This is not really a complicated thing but for some reason the plugin wouldn’t work if your <title> tag is way down inside your header. This should fix any issues with your home page. Have fun!

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