3 Find & Replace Plugins for WordPress

November 21st in Plugin Lists, Wordpress Plugins by .

Have you ever had to replace a certain piece of text across all your WordPress posts? Doing it manually is not a smart idea. If you don’t want to write your own SQL statements, you may want to give these search & replace plugins a look:


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Real-Time Find and Replace: lets you dynamically replace code and text in your themes and plugins before pages are generated.


Search & Replace: this plugin lets you search and replace data in your database. It can be used to replace domain and URLs.


Better Search Replace: could prove useful to those of you who have just moved your site to a new domain. Lets you update URLs and other text in your database. You can select specific tables and try a dry run to see how many fields will be updated.

Have you found better find & replace plugins? Please share them here.

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