Handle Out-of-Stock WooCommerce Products: 5 Plugins

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Running a popular WooCommerce store is not without challenges. You wouldn’t want to lose your customers due to not having certain products in stock. At the very least, you should consider notifying customers when their favorite product is back in stock. These 5 WooCommerce plugins let you better handle out-of-stock products on your site:

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Waitlist for WooCommerce: adds a waitlist for your products, allowing you to stay in touch with customers. It lets you export your lists to CSV files.

out of stock

WooCommerce Out of Stock Message: a simple plugin that lets you add a custom message for out of stock products to keep your customers informed.


Restocking Alerts: informs subscribed users via e-mail when a product is restocked. It works for all types of products. Its bar graphs let you see the most desired products on your site.


WooCommerce Availability Notifications: lets you customize stock availability notification for in stock, low stock, out of stock, and back order products. It works for product variations too.

sold out

WooCommerce Sold Out Products: adds a widget to display sold out products on your website. Just couple this with a back-in-stock notifier to keep interested customers updated.

Have you found better out-of-stock WooCommerce plugins? Please share them here.

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