Plugin Vulnerabilities Shows Plugins with Security Issues

August 2nd in Wordpress Plugins by .

Installing a plugin that has known security issues is not a wise idea. You certainly don’t want hackers to use the vulnerabilities already well known in the WordPress community to hack your website. Not everyone has time to catch up with WordPress security blogs to find out about vulnerable plugins. Let’s not forget that not all developers fix their code fast. Plugin Vulnerabilities is a WordPress plugin designed to help you stay out of trouble by letting you know which plugins have a vulnerability.


This tool lets you know when you have plugins with security issues installed. It notifies you when you have certain plugins that need to be updated as soon as possible. The script covers CSRF, XSS, SQL injection, and other attacks. The developers plan to increase the covered vulnerabilities over time.

Plugin Vulnerabilities

Plugin Vulnerabilities may not display every known vulnerability, but the idea sounds very interesting. Plugins like this make it much easier for webmasters to remember to remove vulnerable plugins before it’s too late.

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