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Starting online directories and portals is not that hard. Making them successful is another story. If you are in the business of selling or reviewing cars, it makes sense to have a portal to save your visitors time getting the information they need. There are many themes you can download to do the job. Pro Car Dealership happens to be a plugin that turns your website into a portal for cars. You will be able to add your cars and make it easier for your visitors to search for them.


You can use this plugin to list vehicles online. You can customize search fields, change vehicle information, add vehicles to your sidebar, and more. The plugin allows you to adjust currency and translate to other languages. It integrates with your theme, so you don’t have to adopt a completely new car theme to get started.

car plugin

The Pro Car Dealership Plugin is designed for those of you who want to build a car portal but don’t need a whole new theme. This is a premium plugin.

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