3 Ways To Add Related Tweets To Your Posts

August 28th in Wordpress Plugins by .

We have all seen related post plugins in the past. These plugins allow you to display related articles from your site under each and every post. Some top sites are taking this a step further and have added a “related tweets” section under their articles. These related tweet plugins let you add this functionality to your own website:

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Tweets By Post: a simple to use plugin that adds content from Twitter to the end of your posts (similar to what you can see on top portals).

Tweet Blender: one of the most versatile Twitter plugins around. It supports multiple authors, lists, hashtags, and keyword. Displays related tweets based on your posts’ tags.

Tweet Import: allows you to add Twitter content to your website. You can store your tweets under a separate category and tag them too. You can then use a similar post plugin to display entries from that category.

If you want to add related tweets to your posts, the above plugins can get the job done. Just make sure you don’t go overboard.

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