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Scheduling Blog Posts In Advance With Post Later

If you are into blogging, and I mean heavy blogging, you have probably thought about running multiple blogs. But you know better than I do that blogging takes a lot of time, and you need to do a lot of research in order to make sure you provide good solid content to your readers. Now taking on a new blog is a whole different challenge really.  It often more than doubles the effort that you have to put in to avoid doing injustice to each of your blogs. But here is the thing most people don’t know about. About 80% of posts that you read everyday are scheduled in advance. In fact, most pro bloggers only blog about the news for an hour a day, having scheduled months of posts in advance. Now that’s how you can run a business on autopilot (your work for 3 months and take 6 months off and spend the other 3 months planning for the next).

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If you are using WordPress, you can use it to schedule posts in advance. I personally do it all the time and have had no trouble with it. But what if you are not running WordPress on your blogs. More importantly, what if you run 30 blogs. You will have to log in to each blog and posts in advance. There are passwords to remember, and the process is inconvenient.

Well, that’s exactly why I signed up for Post Later service. Not only can you post to multiple platforms, you can use Post from a central location, and that is very convenient:

Not only can you post to platforms that don’t support future dating, you can also schedule posts for Twitter. Now that’s what I call incredible. But there is more. You can also schedule recurring posts. For instance, you can schedule your posts to go live every 6 months. I don’t know about you but I rather blog in a more convenient way than going through the pain of having to deal with multiple blog platform technicalities and limitations. The service is affordable too ($9.95 a month). Multibloggers should definitely check it out (

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