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Let’s face it. Not everyone who comes to your website will take time to submit your posts to social media websites. It would be great if everyone did that. In reality, only a small fraction of people do it. That’s why all webmasters should add social media buttons to their websites. That way you get to remind people about sharing your content on top social networking websites. If your content is good enough, there is a good chance you can improve your submission rate significantly by using these scripts.

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SexyBookmarks is one of the most good looking and comprehensive social bookmarking plugins around. It covers plenty of services and adds a set of attractive buttons to your website in a flash.

There are plenty of similar plugins that do not come with high quality button images. There is a reason this plugin is called “sexy.” It does help that it’s quite dynamic and makes adding tens of these buttons to your website convenient, as it auto-collapses.

SexyBookmarks has a ton of options for you to customize to make it better fit your website’s design. For starters, it allows you to no-follow all those social links. So you don’t leak link juice by accident on your website. The animation is quite smooth too (you have the option to take care of jQuery compatibility issues too). You don’t have to show 100 buttons on your website if you do not want to. Just pick and choose the ones you want on this plugin’s options page.

You can customize how the plugin behaves as far as Twitter, Yahoo! Buzz, and Twittley are concerned. It even lets you choose the right URL shortener for your stories. Best of all, it has a few cool images that you can us to call your visitors to action.

Sexybookmarks is a wonderful plugin for those of you interested in encouraging your visitors to share your content with their friends and tweeps. Very attractive and powerful.

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