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I am a big fan of those social footer-bars. If you have tried Wibiya toolbar in the past, you have gotten a taste of these social media bars as well. Many WordPress webmasters put all their social media buttons at the top of each page. While that is a sound strategy, it never hurts to integrate your buttons at the bottom of each page on your website to give your visitors a reminder to submit your pages after they are done with your posts. Web Informer’s social footerbars do just that. It’s a very dynamic and easy to use service that lets you add those top social media buttons to your blog in a non-intrusive fashion.

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Web Informer offers you two themes to choose from. One can be used as a dynamic button after your posts. The other adds an attractive social media bar to your footer. It includes all those top sites, including Facebook, Google Buzz, Twitter, and even Mixx. Here is how your social-bar will look like.

Your visitors can not only use the above buttons to submit each of your pages to their favorite websites, they can expand the bar to use other services available through it.

You can always grab the code from Web Informer or just use the below code to implement this service on your website.

Web Informer gives you yet another cool way to add those social media buttons to each and every post on your website. If you want more traffic and want to count on users to spread your content around the Web, Web Informer’s social bar is worth a try.

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