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In this day and age, many webmasters are making a living from covering games and even sharing their performances on YouTube. As a gamer, you are going to need a good looking website to share updates with your audience. CrystalSkull for WordPress is an attractive theme with a review system and support for bbPress. It is responsive and lets you use WooCommerce to sell your own goods. [click to continue…]


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Many of us love playing games. Writing about what you are passionate about is one of many ways you can make money online these days. If you like games, starting your own video game site using WordPress may be a good idea . GamingZone is a pretty awesome theme for those types of sites. It has everything you need to cover the news, review games, and offer a lot of value to your visitors.

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Building a gaming portal with WordPress couldn’t be any easier these days. If you wanted to develop a portal for gamers just a few years ago, you’d have to spend thousands of dollars on your portal design and content management system. These days, with WordPress and gaming themes that are out there on the market, you can put your gaming portal up in a flash. When choosing a gaming theme for your portal, you want to pay attention to design, underlying code, and your theme’s flexibility. A theme that is well-designed, comes with a search engine friendly code, and is easily customizable is ideal. Thankfully, there are many themes that fit the criteria.

If you are looking to start your gaming portal, you should give themes a serious consideration:


eGamer: eGamer is a cool dark theme to set up a professional looking gaming website fast. You can easily add games, your images and videos and rate games. It’s very dynamic and easy to get a handle of.

gamemaker WP theme

GameMaker: another impressive dark theme for gaming portals that lets you add your own videos, manage your shoutbox, and add your content easily.


On Demand: a highly flexible and dynamic theme for WordPress that lets you review and rate games and let others rate them as well. You can also feature the popular games on your home page.

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WordPress community has created all kinds of WordPress themes for all kinds of websites. What we haven’t seen a lot are gaming themes. Gaming is highly popular among the younger generation, which means if you start your own unique gaming site these days, there is no reason you can’t earn a very good money online. ARRAS is a highly sophisticated gaming theme that makes it easy to create a gaming WordPress website fast.


ARRAS is a dark theme that should go easy on the eyes of gamers. It is highly sophisticated and has that premium look to it. You can also use this theme to create your own rating portal. You get 3 different layouts, a scoreboard for your reviews, and supp0rt for WordPress 2.7. Best of all, the theme is social media ready and allows your users to print your blog posts.

ARRAS’ back-end is highly flexible too. You can choose from 2 different styles and 3 different layouts available. You can easily add your Google Analytics code and customize your RSS feed. You can change the logo easily as well. And if there is an update to the theme, you’ll be notified automatically.

Overall, ARRAS is a great theme for those who want to start their gaming WordPress website. The sky is the limit with this theme. You can create a video-game review website or an accessory portal for gamers. Either way, if you play your cards right, you can gain a lot of visitors and earn a lot of money. ARRAS is a very affordable way to get started with your own gaming site today.

Download ARRAS here.


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Creating a gaming site used to be too tough before. Sure. You can pay someone to write you a website that is attractive, but I rather not waite for someone to do it for me (and obviously charge me $1000 or more for it). Well. The good folks at Elegant Themes have released a super new theme that takes care of the whole problem.

eGamer comes with a right color contract (I would say) for a gaming website. You get the standard “recent game reviews” section in the sidebar that has a star-system ranking well-integrated in it. Like all Elegant Themes, eGamer is compatible with Safari, Opera, Firefox, and IE 6 & 7.

What I like about eGamer is the fact that you get the Photoshop files for the theme as well. In essence, you can change the logo if you know Photoshop, which is something you’d have to do from scratch with other themes. I also like the fact that you can play with the footer and remove the copyright if you like. Not that I recommend it, but some themes have annoyingly long copyright notices, and that turns me off.

Overall, the theme looks fit for a gaming, or even a wrestling site. The featured article section is optional but great for promoting the best your site has to offer. I also like the fact that you get all the updates for this theme and a bunch of others for only about $20 a year. That’s way too cheap to ignore. Good luck with your WordPress gaming site.


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