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November 11th in Premium Themes by .

We have all heard this before: “that theme is highly customizable.” When you think about it, it is a bit subjective. After all, we all look for different levels of customizability in our themes. Transparency for WordPress is one of the most flexible and customizable themes available on the market. It’s a premium theme designed specifically for those who want to be more in control of how their website looks. It lets you change your theme’s background and look & feel quite easily.

Transparency enables you to change the opacity level for every element in it. You can also change the background of your pages right from the back-end. As you can see in the below screen-shot, you can change this theme’s settings to make it look unique for your website.

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Apple is one of the most innovative companies around the world. Not only it has revolutionized the tech industry with products such as iPhone and iMac, it has also given a lot of people many ways to make money talking about Apple and its products. There are plenty of Apple specific blogs on the Internet, and while the market seems saturated at this point, there are still plenty of new Apple blogs that are getting a decent amount of traffic. Apple has a cult following and smart Apple bloggers can always rely on the community to monetize their blog and make a living online.

You don’t have to spend too much money to go online with your own Apple-specific blog. You can spend a lot of money on a custom design, but if you are new to blogging, I recommend using a premium theme such as So Apple. It’s not only very affordable, but it’s flexible as well. So you can change the look and feel around and provide a more unique experience to your visitors.

So Apple has been designed with Apple fans in mind. It comes with images from Apple products and a cool content slider to enable you to promote your top pages with your visitors (see the image above).

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December 30th in Premium Themes by .

I have talked about in the past about how Elegant Themes is one of the best WordPress clubs to be a member of. The themes are often of high quality, and they don’t cost you too much. Lumin is the latest theme from this membership club that is designed for those who want to take their professional portfolio online. Whether you are a photographer, a painter, or just want to share your art work online, Lumin allows you to do that without you having to spend thousands of dollars on a professional looking portfolio theme for your WordPress blog.

Lumin comes with a ton of options to help you optimize the look and feel of your blog without you having to write a line of code. You can customize the look, feel, and what’s shown on your front-page from the back-end. The theme comes in three colors, and you can always add more if you know CSS and other web design technologies.

The front page is dynamic. It comes with a gallery feature that allows you to promote your top work and make a big first impression on your first time visitors. In case you are wondering, adding images to your portfolio theme couldn’t be any easier. You also get to promote your top and recent posts on your sidebar, using the snippet provided in this theme.

If you don’t like how your website is displayed, you can always choose the blog format to use your theme for blogging purposes. Managing ads couldn’t be easier either, so you can always monetize and finance your blog with ads and sponsors. Last and but not the least, you’ve got to love the automated thumbnail resizing feature. It certainly makes things easier.

If you are looking for a professional looking and affordable portfolio theme for WordPress, Lumin is a good option to try.


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Building a profitable WordPress site is all about being at the right place, in the right niche, and at the right time. There is one niche that allows you to be at the right time all the time. The celebrity niche is very hot, and it continues to be hot regardless of the economy, terrorism, earthquakes, or even giant astroids hitting the earth. If you are into the celebrity market, and you know how to spin your words in a way that makes your blog unique, you are going to have the opportunity to make a lot of money from advertising and sponsorships. That’s just a fact.

Creating a celebrity blog/site may seem daunting to most folks, but WordPress is your friend here. You can either choose a free theme and build your blog on that or you can do the smart thing and invest a small amount of money to make your site look professional and advertiser friendly. If you prefer the latter solution, Celebrity Gossip is a must checkout.


Celebrity Gossip theme comes in three styles: Warm, Dark, and Light (see a demo here). You can further customize the theme to fit your style, but these three styles should get you started in no time. The theme comes with an automatic image resizer, which means thumbnails will be created for you on the fly. What I like about this theme is the fact that it comes advertisement ready and with the PSD files. You can make changes as you wish to make your site more friendly to sponsors.

Celebrity Gossip is compatible with IE, FireFox, Flock, and Chrome, which is a big plus. It’s also social media friendly and ready for SEO. Overall, the programmers have done a good job of duplicating “Kineda.” The theme is not expensive (at $39), and the fact that it’s tested with WP 2.7 should give you piece of mind on your investment. If you are into celebrities, now you can no excuse not owning your own celebrity blog.


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Interested in starting a blog about how to make money online blogging? Well, who isn’t? A lot of folks are already making a lot of money in this niche, and even though the market is somewhat saturated, that hasn’t kept folks from finding ways to differentiate themselves and make decent money in this market.

Blog4Cash is a simple, yet attractive WordPress theme designed for folks who are interested in doing just that. The site looks like classic make money blogging sites. You get plenty of places to put your widgets on, and there are plenty of spots available for sponsorships or plain ads. At the top, you get your 468 * 60 ad placement that you can use for Adsense or your sponsorship ads. In the middle, you get to put your RSS information as well as your Twitter widgets. The menu is dynamic too.


In the middle, you get your content side, your sidebar, and your ad spots. As I mentioned, this theme has more than enough spots for sponsorships, affiliate promotions, and Adsense.


Finally, you can put your product reviews or your recommendations in the footer. You can obviously change the purpose of these placeholders any way you want. There are 22 settings that you can change on the back-end, so you won’t have any excuses for not customizing this theme.

Blog4Cash is very affordable too. It costs only $28 which is quite low for a premium theme. It’s great for folks who are just getting started with blogging, but even if you are new, you should check a demo here to see if this theme will work for your next WordPress project.


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