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We test a lot of plugins on a daily basis. But when it comes to our own websites, we are less adventurous. I personally have a handful of plugins that I rely on to create new sites and don’t add new plugins unless I have seen the code and tested each properly. If you happen to use the same approach, you may want to create a plugin collection to install all your favorite plugins faster when setting up a new site. WPCore can help with that.

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This plugin lets you access public or private plugin collections to install multiple plugins on your server in a couple of steps. Once you can create a collection on wpcore.com, you can clone it, change its visibility status, and enable update notifications for it. WPCore provides you with a collection key to install your favorite plugins quickly. You will be able to see which plugin are included in each collection before installing them.


The WPCore Plugin Manager simply saves you time when you need to install the same set of plugins on multiple websites. You can always browse collections on the site to find interesting plugins to add to your own collections. You can try WPCore for free.

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