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In order to build a successful business online, you will need products that people will want to get their hands on. Your job as a business owner is not done as soon as you sell your goods or services though. Providing great customer support could only help your business grow. That could be a challenging process if you have a lot of customers. Putting together a FAQ site about your product and giving your customers a forum to ask and answer questions are ideas worth pursuing. These 5 help desk WordPress themes can help you with your customer support efforts:


KnowHow: an attractive FAQ theme for WordPress. You can use this to answer the most common questions by your customers. It is responsive and offers 4 custom widgets. [click to continue…]


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More businesses are now understanding the importance of having sites that are smartphone and tablet friendly. Tablets such as the iPad have reached millions of homes already. They are here to stay. Business owners who do not have tablet-friendly sites at the moment should start working on fixing that problem right now. In the near future, most people will expect their favorite sites to work well on all devices. Businesses could always pay theme developers to do custom jobs on their existing themes to make them more responsive. These 7 tablet-friendly business themes are worth adopting too:

Cassiopeia: a responsive business and portfolio theme for WordPress. It is iPhone and iPad friendly. It is touch & swipe enabled.

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When it comes to promoting your corporation online, you need to put your best foot forward. Having a good looking website may not be everything but it does give your business more credibility. You can get your corporate site online fast with WordPress. These 10 WordPress themes give your corporate site a beautiful look:

Modernize: a highly customize corporate-style template with unlimited colors and sidebars. 15 background patterns are included too. Modernize is social media friendly. [click to continue…]


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Just like any other business, coffee shops need to have an online presence these days. It does not matter how small your coffee shop is. By having a professional website, you will have an easier time getting more leads to grow your business. Coffee Lounge is a WordPress theme designed specifically for food businesses. It has a pretty layout and is built upon a fairly sophisticated framework.

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Sites such as Groupon and Woot! do not need any introduction. Those of you who love following deals and bargains online have probably taken advantage of some of the deals these sites have to offer. Do you have your own deals that you want to share with the world? Thanks to Daily Deal, you can start your very own daily deal site using the WordPress platform.

Daily Deal is designed strategically to get your top deals the most attention. Once you enter your deals into your database, they will be displayed at a prominent place on your home page. Your visitors will know how many of each item you have in stock and when your deal ends. The deal board is quite dynamic and attractive. This theme does use a good amount of text, which makes it more search friendly. [click to continue…]


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WordPress has made it so easy for businesses (small or not so small) to get online without spending too much money reinventing the wheel and investing in a custom CMS. Businesses such as local restaurants may not have the budget to invest in a super expensive web design. That’s where premium restaurant WordPress themes come in. They give you a decent head start, and you can always customize them and save money in the process. If you own a restaurant or food business and want to go online fast, here are 12 premium WordPress themes worth a look:

Diner Theme: the best theme for food businesses hands down. It lets you promote your food menu and location while allowing your visitors to book their spot in your diner or restaurant.

The Restaurant: it has a professional look and feel to it. It has multiple page templates and takes advantage of short-codes. Allows you to create your own sidebars and move them around.

Restorante for WordPress: this theme is built on HTML5 platform. It is SEO optimized and offers multiple color schemes. It comes with multiple page templates and a decent options panel.

Gourmet: a very good looking theme for anyone who owns a niche food business. It lets you share your best offerings with your prospects and take your business to another level fast.

Restaurant Pro: one of the most attractive WordPress themes for restaurants. It is highly customizable and has 21 widgets for you to choose from. Gives you everything you need to promote your menu in a professional manner.

MyCuisine: an eye catching theme for food businesses. It can be used for almost any type of small business though. It has 5 color schemes and multiple page templates. This is fast and easy to set up.

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iPhone development is one of the hottest niches around these days. If you know how to develop iPhone apps and have a great idea for an app, there is no reason you can’t build a successful business around your app. In fact, many people have quit their day jobs to focus solely on iPhone development. With iPad, you are going to have even more opportunities to make money in this business.

Developing an iPhone app is only part of the equation. Once you are done with your app, you are going to have to spend time promoting it. You certainly want to create a mini-site for your app. After all, if you want others to take your business seriously, you need to approach these things in a professional matter. Thanks to the power of WordPress, you can easily set up your mini-website and go live fast. You are just going to need the right theme.

With that in mind, here are 10 cool iPhone WordPress themes that could help developers take their business off the ground:

iPhone App Theme: the best theme around for iPhone app developers. Doesn’t need you to touch the code. Comes ready to go out of the box and can be customized easily as well.

Grizzly for WordPress: lets you promote all the apps you have developed in a more professional fashion. It supports Android apps too. You get 3 ways to promote your apps.

Apz theme: a dynamic iPhone app WordPress theme that is designed for those who want to start an iPhone business or sell their existing apps more effectively. It’s app store and video friendly.

App Theme: whether you want to show-case videos of your iPhone app with the world or just want to let your visitors find out more information on the benefits of your app, this theme has you covered. It’s app store friendly too.

MyApp Theme: a portal like theme for WordPress that targets iPhone app developers and small businesses. If you have an iPhone product to promote and want to build a portal instead of a 1-page site around your app, this theme is worth a look.

Nexus Theme: a bit more sophisticated that the above options. It can be used to create an iPhone portal fast. Very dynamic and colorful. [click to continue…]


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