How to Add a Domain Name Checker To WordPress

December 13th in Wordpress Plugins by .

Domain name checkers are everywhere these days. Every major registrar has a decent one. Even sites that cover domains and website marketing have them these days. If you know a thing or two about API development, you can easily come up with your own responsive domain name checker. Domains Names Checker gives you a faster way to enhance your domain-related website. It offers AJAX and instant search to provide your visitors a dynamic search experience.


Domains Names Checker relies on Dreamhost and to serve your visitors. You can cache domain availability results and add your affiliate links to get paid when your visitors find and register a new domain through your website. The plugin is fairly easy to use. You can integrate the tool into your website via its shortcode. Want to show suggested domains? No problem.


Domains Names Checker is simple to use and lets your visitors search for new domain names on your site. For now, it seems to work quite well. This is a premium plugin.

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