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Those of you who have been following this site for a while know that we are a big fan of Security Ninja. It may not be the absolute best security plugin, but it is quite useful for folks who have not spent any time on securing their site. The plugin is already powerful. The Events Logger makes it even better. It lets you monitor events happening on your site and figure out who has done what at what time.

security ninja

The extension can monitor, track, and log more than 50 events. If you have WordPress clients, you can use this plugin to see what happened on their sites at what time. Comments, edited files, modified posts, menu changes, user events, and widget changes are all monitored. The script tracks date/time, event description, IP/user-agent, and more. You receive alerts for events that are important to you.


security ninja plugin

You are going to have to purchase Security Ninja to put this extension to work. It simply makes it easier to track events on your site and take action before it is too late.

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