5 Footnotes Plugins for WordPress

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Everyone who has written a serious paper or book knows the importance of including proper citation and footnotes. WordPress already makes it easy to share your content with the world. Thanks to these plugins, you can add footnotes throughout your posts easily:

Modern Footnotes: this footnotes plugin lets you insert a footnote in your post by using the appropriate icon or shortcode. It is mobile friendly too.

Easy Footnotes: comes with a simple shortcode for including footnotes throughout your posts. It takes care of numbering too.

Inline Footnotes: pretty easy to use. Simply enclose your sentences within footnote shortcode, and the plugin takes care of the rest. The number added to your post is clickable and directs to the footnote content.

Footnote: displays an automatically generated list of references in your posts. Lets you decide where footnotes are displayed. It has a button for the Visual/Text editor to make your life easier.

Footnotes Made Easy: a versatile footnotes plugin that lets you modify header, footer, priority, symbol, and other settings. It can work with paginated posts too.

Have you found better footnotes plugins? Please share them here.

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