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15 Must See OpenAI GPT-3 WordPress Plugins

ChatGPT has gotten a lot of coverage in the past few months. There is more to AI than just chatting though. Savvy developers are using AI APIs to develop highly sophisticated apps. Thanks to these OpenAI GPT-3 WordPress plugins, you can take advantage of AI to generate content, images and product descriptions for your website:

🛠️ Divi Builder drag & drop page builder for WP

OpenAI Auto Article Generator: this GPT-3 plugin generates human-like text for your website. It can also generate images relevant to your content using DALL.E 2. You can put it on a schedule to create articles for your website.

AIKit: a WordPress writing assistant based on GPT-3 and DALL.E 2. It works with Elementor, WooCommerce, and Gutenberg. It can generate ad copy, catchy titles, or write complete paragraphs.

AI Mojo: this AI plugin lets you use GPT-3 or Jurassic-1 to generate content for your website. Simply enter your prompt, choose the model you want and you are set.

AI Engine: adds a ChatGPT style chatbot to your website. You can also use it to generate content for your site. It has built-in stats to help you keep track of your OpenAI usage.

Your AI Assistant: an OpenAI powered plugin that creates content and images for your posts. It is compatible with Gutenberg and Elementor. Lets you change randomness, frequency penalty and other settings in the backend.

AI Autocontent for Elementor: this GPT-3 plugin generates SEO optimized content for your website. You can change language, presence/frequency penalty, max tokens, and temperature in the back-end.

GPT AI Power: this WordPress plugin generates content for your site. It is also compatible with WooCommerce. It uses DALL.E & Stable Diffusion for image generation. It supports 30+ languages.

AI Post Generator: this plugin generates posts by title. It also finds high quality images for your posts. Lets you add custom headings to your content.

AI Content X: a GPT-3 content generator for WordPress. It has a simple interface but lets you control model, temperature, Top P and other parameters.

CopyCraft: an OpenAI GPT-3 WooCommerce plugin that generates catchy product descriptions for your site. It integrates with add product and edit product screens.

AIPress: an OpenAI content and image generator for your website. It supports a wide variety of popular languages. It has an intuitive interface for customizing AI parameters.

AIomatic: another automatic AI content writer based on GPT-3. You can use it to write new posts or update old posts with fresh content.

GPT3 AI Content Writer: another simple AI plugin that writes fresh content for your website. Just tell it your title, keywords, headings you want, writing style and tone to get started.

Post Saint: an GPT-3 and DALL.E content and image generator for WordPress. It can write fresh posts or rewrite old posts. You can bulk import new posts by uploading a file, pasting text, or entering a URL. The pro version lets you schedule prompts to run in a recurring manner.

GPT-3 Auto Product Description Writer: another AI WooCommerce plugin that generates professional descriptions for your website. You are in control of various AI parameters to generate human-like content for your site.

Have you found better GPT-3 WordPress plugins? Please share them here.

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