How to Add Print / PDF Buttons to WordPress

November 14th in Wordpress Plugins by .

Some webmasters assume that people only consume their content online. In reality, there are plenty of folks who prefer printing articles they like to read later. Making your site PDF and printer friendly may not do miracles for your business but it does make it more user friendly.  It would give your visitors more ways to consume your material.  Print Friendly is a handy plugin that makes your website printer-friendly.

The Print Friendly and PDF Button is simple to use and easy to customize. You get multiple button styles to choose from. You could also provide your own button image. Text color, size, position, and margins can be changed from the settings page as well. Webmasters can choose where these buttons show up. They could add this to their template using the function available.

Print Friendly is pretty simple to implement and easy to customize. It gives you control over button position, margin, placement, CSS, and JavaScript settings. Should you add it? It is certainly worth testing.

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