How To Get Facebook Comment Notifications by Email: 2 WordPress Plugins

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Adding Facebook Comments to your website could make it more engaging for your visitors. Millions of folks are active on Facebook already. They are more likely to feel like commenting on your stories when you have Facebook Comments enabled. Moderating your comments and finding out about the new ones you are receiving should not be a hassle. I prefer getting notified by e-mail when someone comments on my posts. These 2 WordPress plugins add that capability to your website:

20+ WordPress Plugins for membership sites

facebook comments

Facebook Comments Notifier: sends you an e-mail when comments are posted on your website. It also includes a link back to the page where you got each comment.

facebook comments

Ultimate Facebook Comments Email Notify
: this was a bit of hit and miss for us. It will generate an e-mail when a new comment is posted to your website. It includes enough information in the emails so you can get back to your visitors as fast as possible.

You could always create your own Facebook solutions to better manage Facebook comments. The above plugins are worth exploring if you want to enable email notifications for Facebook Comments.

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