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Many of us are active on social networking sites such as Facebook. Your posts on Facebook may get lots of comments but those are not stored in your WordPress database. The same applies to the comments your content receive on Facebook and YouTube. Want to store those comments in your own database? These 5 comment importers have you covered:

How to: automate WordPresss tasks

fb importer

FB Comments Importer: imports comments from your Facebook page into your WordPress comments system. You can import comments from regular posts, images or statuses.

youtube comments

YouTube Comments: finds YouTube links in your posts and imports the comments associated with those videos.


Live Flickr Comment Importer: it imports comments from your Flickr photo stream to a post of your choice. It uses the Flickr API to accomplish this. You can allow thumbnails in comments and import user icons/avatars.


Disqus: should not need any introduction. This is a powerful comment system that replaces your WordPress comment system. You do have the option to sync and import your comments anytime.

twitter comments

Twitter Mentions As Comments: turns Twitter mentions into comments on your site. The plugin searches for tweets linking to your blog posts and pushes them into your commenting system.

These plugins add more to your WordPress comments and could encourage more visitors to interact with your content. As always, you should carefully test these to make sure they are right for your website.

How to: automate WordPresss tasks

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