wpmathpub: Display Mathematical Equations In WordPress

February 18th in Wordpress Plugins by .

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love math. Not enough to build a site focusing on it though. Those of you who do run a math site know about the challenges of adding mathematical equations to your site. Plugins such as wpmathpub make your job easier. This particular plugin is designed to display mathematical equations within your posts and comments.


wpmathpub is pretty easy to use. Once you have your math equations, just include them between pmath tags and set the appropriate size for your equation. The plugin is based on Pascal Brachet’s phpmathpublisher library. It is pretty straight forward to use, but I do encourage you to check out phpMathPublisher’s help site to learn about the list of commands this script supports.


There are plenty of other sophisticated plugins that can help you with math blogging. wpmathpub is simple to use and saves you time.

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