MWP Calories Burned By Exercises Calculator for WordPress

September 27th in Viral, Wordpress Plugins by .

In the past few years, we have covered a whole host of themes and plugins for fitness and diet websites. If you run such a website, you may want to add calculators and other online tools to provide more value to your visitors. The MWP Calories Burned By Exercises Calculator fits the bill. It lets users know how many calories they can burn using their favorite exercise routine.

This is a responsive plugin. It supports AJAX calculations, so your visitors don’t need to reload the page every time to see their results. Users will be able to see results for one or multiple exercises. The MWP Calories Burned By Exercises calculator supports over 250 exercises.

This calculator lets you enter your height, weight, age, gender, and exercise duration to get BMI, BMR, and calories burned data. zuk22 is the developer behind this plugin.

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