3 Social Analytics Plugins for WordPress

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Most webmasters rely on social networks to drive traffic to their website. You can’t increase your reach if you don’t understand where your traffic is coming from and which posts are contributing to it. These 3 social analytics plugins for WordPress can help:

Social Metrics Tracker: lets you figure out which of your posts are popular on social networking sites. It can get stats from Facebook, Reddit, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and other sites. The data is displayed in a new dashboard panel, so you can easily see your most popular posts.

WP Social Analytics: tracks shares of your posts and pages. It supports Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. You get weekly e-mail reports to see how well you are doing. Data can be exported in CSV format.

Top Social Stories: another social analytics WordPress plugin that tracks your daily stats from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and VK. It can show daily stats with trends or stats over a period of time.

Have you found better social share trackers? Please share them here.

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