2 Speed Reading Plugins for WordPress

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Learning how to read faster is not only a lot of fun but quite beneficial to everyone. Think about all the books and articles that you will be able to finish faster when you can read faster. It takes practice to master speed reading. There are already plenty of apps and tools that can help you learn how to read faster. These 2 plugins bring speed reading to your WordPress site:

🛠️ Divi Builder drag & drop page builder for WP

rocket reader

Rocket Reader: a speed reader plugin for your site. It allows your visitors to read your content faster. They can pause, change settings, and customize their experience.

speed reading

Zethos: does not have too many options at the time of this writing. But it is more than good enough to add a speed-reading mode to your website. You can change its speed by editing the plugin code.

Have you found better plugins to add a speed reader to WordPress? Please share them here.

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