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Most webmasters rely on WordPress to run their blogs. There is a good  reasons for that. WordPress is not only free but also has a powerful community of users behind it. There are many awesome themes and plugins available to WordPress webmasters. Fable for WordPress happens to be a visually attractive theme for blogs.

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Many WordPress webmasters use this platform to run their blogs. While WordPress makes the process of managing your content easy, it does not run your site for you. You are still in control of what goes on your website at what time. Keeping an editorial calendar with you is a nice way to stay on track with your posts. The Editorial Calendar Plugin is an awesome script that offers you just that.

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There are lots of people who use WordPress to run their blogs. Many use free WordPress themes while others go with custom design ones. Custom design themes can be very expensive and outside of many bloggers’ price range. That’s where premium themes such as Caulk come into play. They may not give you an exclusive look and feel right out of the box, but they are attractive and can be customized to look unique on your website. Caulk theme is one of the sleek blogging themes on the market that is media friendly and lets you offer a more dynamic reading experience to your audience.

Caulk can be used for personal blogs and magazine type websites. It has a pretty dynamic featured section that presents your articles in a super attractive fashion. You also have a popular post section right under the jQuery slider, giving you even more ways to promote your top posts. Caulk has 8 color schemes that you can easily play with in the back-end.

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If you have been in the business of blogging and have not heard of Thesis theme so far, you have missed on a whole lot of awesomeness. There are plenty of pro blogging premium themes for WordPress that can help you start a new blog or give your blog a makeover for less. But Thesis is without a doubt at the very top when it comes to ease of use, potential, and customizability. Thesis 1.7 is the latest edition of Thesis WordPress theme and has gotten a huge boost of power to help pro bloggers focus more on what’s important for their business and worry less about issues with their theme.

The developers behind Thesis have focused on providing a set of powerful features to WordPress bloggers to help them customize the look and feel of their blogs easily and optimize their web sites for search engines in the process. So you don’t necessarily have to hard code any on-page optimization tactics to get your WordPress website ready for the search engines. Thesis 1.6 already covered a lot of these options under the options page in the back-end. But Thesis 1.7 has improved a lot in that area and does seem a bit more organized.

Thesis 1.6 Options Page


Thesis 1.7 Site Options Page

Thesis 1.7 has some of these options broken down into various sections. So customization options for the home page have moved to a whole different page (to make the whole process less confusing). So these features have not disappeared if you are comparing the two images above. [click to continue…]


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Everyday that passes by, more people take time to contribute to the social communities that they are a part of. Whether it is uploading a video to YouTube, posting tweets to Twitter, or updating Facebook, people are doing it all. The idea of social blogging has been born due to that fact. People are not only sharing content on top social media sites, but they are also sharing what they are doing on those sites with their visitors on a daily basis. That way your visitors will know what communities you participate in and how they can reach out to you there.

MyStream is a cool personal blogging theme that lets those new to blogging to get a fast start. The theme is designed with your social media profiles in mind. It lets you integrate your videos, pictures, and tweets into your blog easily. You can also let your visitors connect with you on Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, and Flickr. That is accomplished through a widgetized zone with custom widgets to display your social media profiles in your sidebar. [click to continue…]


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Creating a personal blog couldn’t be easier these days. You don’t have to be a technical genius or have an Einstein-like IQ to set up a blog fast. WordPress makes it super easy to set up a website fast. Thanks to themes such as myweblog, you don’t have to spend thousands getting a custom design for your blog. You can get a well-designed, highly flexible design for an affordable price.

myweblog is highly attractive WordPress design that makes it easy to build a real community with your WordPress blog. Whatever topic you are into, you can use the integrated LifeStream info on your sidebar to let others know about your online activities. You can also change the look and feel of your design easily to make it look unique.


myweblog comes with an image re-sizer that makes it easy to add all kinds of images to your blog. You also get to create sticky posts on your featured section. You do get 5 color schemes to choose from, making it too easy to customize the look and feel of your website fast. The color coded categories at the top make the site more user-friendly. Flickr is integrated as well, enabling you to add your favorite photos to your blog quickly.


The categories at the top are all drop-downs, making it possible to add a whole lot of categories. The search function is in a prominent place to let your readers find content on your blog without too much trouble. myweblog by WooThemes is another good option to consider for everyone who’s looking to create or enhance her/his personal WP blog. It’s easy to use, user-friendly, and highly customizable. It’s not that expensive either.


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WordPress is the most popular platform for bloggers. You name a decent blogger, and he/she has probably heard and used WordPress in the past. There is much to love about the platform. Not only there are thousands of plug-ins available to enhance your site’s functionality, there are lots of themes to choose from to get the design you love on your site. With that in mind. Here are 51 top pro blogging themes for WordPress.


1. Thesis: Thesis is made specifically for bloggers. It’s not only lightweight, but very easy to customize. Many super bloggers are already using Thesis, and sometimes even I wonder why I am not using it. So don’t be surprised to see me dump my current theme for Thesis soon (in the next few weeks).


2. Blog V3: Bob version 3 is one of the most good looking themes designed for bloggers. The design is superb, and it comes with everything you need to knock out your blog out of the park.


3. Streamline: Streamline is a highly flexible theme from StudioPress. It’s easy to customize and comes with a dynamic menus and ad ready.

4. Urban Elements: another great theme just for bloggers. Urban Elements is very simple and easy to change. You don’t have to be a programming expert to customize the look and feel.


5. Stylish Blog: a beautiful pro blogging design. Stylish Blog is not only stylish but comes social media and ad ready. [click to continue…]


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