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August 15th in Wordpress Plugins, Wordpress Tips by .

We all have many internal and external links on our sites. While you can control the destiny of your own site, you don’t have much control on what others will do with theirs. Some of the links you have included in your posts could end up broken for various reasons. Finding and fixing those manually is not always easy, especially if you have a ton of articles. These 2 plugins help you find and fix broken links faster:

broken link checker

Broken Link Checker: will check your posts and comments for broken links and missing images. It notifies you when it finds broken links. The plugin detects links that do not work anymore and prevents search engine from following them. It is highly configurable and powerful. [click to continue…]


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November 22nd in Wordpress Plugins by .

WordPress is a great platform to manage dynamic sites with. Things change on the web all the time. The last thing you want to have on your site are broken links. Unfortunately, you will have to deal with them from time to time. Thanks to these plugins, you can handle them more effectively:

Broken Link Checker: checks your posts and comments for broken links and missing images and notifies you. It can prevent search engines from following broken links.

GD Broken Report: gives your visitors the chance to report broken links to you. Perfect if you have a lot of pages and can’t afford to go through them one by one to find broken things.

Relative Links Fix: replaces relative URLs to absolute URLs to save you time handling this type of broken links. [click to continue…]


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