3 Temporary Password Plugins for WordPress

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Most of us keep our WordPress password for a few months before changing it. But once in a while, you may need a temporary password to access your website from a public computer. Maybe you don’t want certain users to keep their passwords for more than a few days on your site. Whatever the case, these 3 plugins can handle temporary passwords on your website:

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WordPress Password Expiry: expires password for the selected type of users after the specified number of days. This plugin might be helpful if you are too worried about your member accounts getting hacked.


Rotating Universal Passwords: lets you set a universal password for your content based on day of the week. So you can have 7 passwords for each week.


OTP and Passwords: makes your login page secure and allows you to use OTP. It can enforce a password policy for short or weak passwords. It supports S-CRIB, Yubikey, Google Authenticator, McAfee Pledge, and many other services.

We tested a few other one-time-password plugins, but they have since been removed. The above plugins may not be for everyone, but they do allow you to implement temporary password policy for your site.

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