Using & Managing Multiple Themes in WordPress: 4 Plugins

April 20th in Wordpress Plugins by .

Installing new WordPress themes is pretty straight forward. But have you ever wanted to use, test, or even delete multiple themes at the same time? These 4 plugins let you do just that:

test theme

🛠️ Divi Builder drag & drop page builder for WP

Theme Test Drive: this plugin lets you test drive any theme without disturbing your visitors. In other words, your visitors won’t notice when you are testing new themes on your site.

multiple themes

Multiple Themes: this plugin lets you select different themes for one or more pages on your site. You can show different themes on all pages, by URL, or based on keyword.


Delete Multiple Themes: lets you delete multiple themes with one click. I personally prefer using a SSH client to do the job, but this plugin may also save you some time.

device theme

Device Theme Switcher: this plugin lets you choose a separate theme for handheld and tablet devices. Computer visitors will see the main theme.

Which one of these plugins have you had the most success with? Please share your experiences here.

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