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More magazine websites are taking advantage of WordPress to provide more value to their readers and reduce their costs in the process. There are plenty of WordPress themes for magazines that you can pick up to start your own magazine online. It really depends on what you want to do on your website. bSocial is another one of those cool magazine themes that enables you to build a social magazine portal fast, using WordPress.

bSocial comes with a very professional look, so you get to put your best foot forward with your magazine site. It’s also designed to handle images and videos easily. Best of all, it enables you to promote all your social media accounts from one place. The theme is optimized for search engines, so you get more traffic to your website without having to spend more money. [click to continue…]


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One of the most popular topics to talk about these days is travel and its sub-topics. There are a lot of people who refer to travel sites to find out where to go for their next vacation and how to find the best vacation deals, so as long as you position your site the right way, there is no reason you can’t build a killer travel related website. Whether you want to be more active and travel around the world and blog about it or just talk about travel deals from the comfort of your home, a well planned travel site can help you make a living online.

Thanks to WordPress travel themes, you won’t have to do too much work to get your feet wet in this niche. Building a sophisticated travel site from scratch could cost you thousands of dollars, but if you have WordPress and a good travel theme at hand, you can go for.

Traveler is a well designed WordPress theme that lets you take your travel site online fast. The theme is very colorful and great at handling your images, which you will need to use to build up your travel portal. The theme comes with a cool image slider that you can use to display images of those tropical vacation spots on your portal. [click to continue…]


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Building a magazine website has never been easier. StudioPress has put together a very easy to use theme in Magazine Theme that lets you start your own magazine portal fast. Magazine is a sleek theme that is designed to bring you the maximum flexibility. The theme is search engine friendly and video ready. So you can not only add your videos to the theme easily, you are going to get free traffic from Google and other search engines (as long as you use the right keywords).


The developers of Magazine Theme has paid extra attention to web usability. There are plenty of ways for your visitors to navigate their way through your content and find what they are looking for. You get a dynamic drop down menu so you can fit as many pages and categories as you want. Your RSS feed section is also put in a prominent place so your users can sign up for it easily.


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In good old days, if you wanted to create a killer magazine portal, you were going to have to spend a decent amount of money to get the job done. And let’s not forget that managing content was much harder before WordPress became what it is today. Starting and expanding a magazine portal is not a easy job, and it could cost you a bit of money on itself. So if you want to get it done fast, your best hope is by adopting WordPress and picking up a good magazine WordPress theme. Not all magazine themes are created equal. Some are better in handling images while others are more SEO friendly. Either way, you want to get the theme that comes with the right balance and lets you get your job done fast. Here are 25 cool WordPress themes for magazines that let you get the job done fast:


Imperial: is a highly flexible theme that can be used for any type of website. Comes in 2 colors (dark, light) and is very easy to customize.


Yamidoo: a very flexible and easy to use theme that lets you set up your news portal or magazine in just a few minutes. Easy to manage content using this theme.


Massive News: Massive News is a cool portal theme that lets you add your content and start your own magazine website fast. It’s SEO friendly, and the back-end is designed to help you customize your theme without writing code. [click to continue…]


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One of the things I love about WordPress is the fact that it has made creating complex portals and websites easier. Just a few years ago, you’d have to spend thousands of dollars to put up an attractive magazine website. But these days, you won’t have to spend more than a couple of hundred dollars to get the job done. Themes such as Yamidoo Magazine make it possible to set up a magazine site in a more affordable way, and if you decide to customize your theme, it wouldn’t cost you as much as it would if you paid someone to come up with theme for you from scratch.


Yamidoo is a highly flexible WordPress theme that makes putting up a magazine site like a piece of cake. Yamidoo is one of the most dynamic themes that I have ever seen in the magazine theme category. For starters, you get tabbed widgets that help you promote your content better. You can use these widgets to promote your most popular posts, most commented posts, and even your recent comments.


The featured content section on your home page gives you another way to promote your top content on your magazine site. Adding images and customizing your featured section is easy and painless. Flickr is also integrated into this theme to help you display your Flickr photos on yuor site. Even better, Yamidoo is Google Analytics and Feedburner ready. So you don’t have to touch too much code to keep track of things on your site.

Yamidoo theme did remind of Thesis. It’s very clean and easily customizable. It’s not that expensive either. If you are looking for a dynamic magazine theme for your website, Yamidoo is worth a consideration.

Verdict: A-


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Massive News 2.0 is the most recent WordPress theme released by Press75 that is designed for those who are interested in running their news/magazine style WordPress website. Massive News 2.0 is designed for folks who are interested in starting a blog, media site, or even a news site. It is very flexible, so you can change things around as you wish. It comes with feature and popular content tabs to help you promote your best content easier.


The theme supports thumbnails and makes it easy to build a news website from ground up. You get 3 columns to display your content and also display your sponsored ads on it. What I like about the featured section is that it’s not category based. You get to define where you want to link for and what image you want to show for it. That makes it easy to put your pages on your featured section as well.

Changing things around on Massive News is almost too easy. Once you install the theme, you are going to get a new tab on your admin screen that lets you change any aspect of your theme fast. You can change your logo fast. Changing your advertisement or disabling sections on this theme is easy as well. Finally, you can add your Google Analytics code right in the backend.


Overall, Massive News 2.0 is a cool theme for those who want a flexible theme for a news, magazine, or regular blog site. It is compatible with top browsers and is very easy in the eye. It does help that it’s highly customizable. Another great blogging theme from Press75.


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Magazine WordPress sites have been on the rise. There is no question that WordPress makes it easier for people to manage highly complex magazine-style sites, and thanks to the WordPress community there are lots of magazine themes available to the public. Vanity is another cool magazine WordPress theme that allows you to create your very own magazine-style website fast.

Vanity is not only very attractive, but it is also very flexible, which means you can make changes fast and create your own unique version in no time. The theme comes in two colors (Pink & Aqua). What I like about this theme is the placement of the newsletter (RSS) box. As long as you can drive traffic to your website, you are going to get a lot of leads as it will be hard for folks to ignore your newsletter feature. Vanity comes ad ready. You can easily ad your Adsense or third-party ads to the top of your page and start making money from your website.


The Carousel article slider is very useful too. You can load up your top stories there and let your users slide through them. The stories include a passage from your original articles plus the thumbnail version of your images.


The meat of the theme brings you a lot of opportunities to provide value to your users. Not only you get to display your posts on the left side of the theme, you can integrate your videos and pictures on your sidebar. The middle-bar is designed to allow you to promote your sponsors and monetize your website.


Vanity is a fully-fledged magazine theme, which means you get everything you need to create a sophisticated site fast. Here is a summary of features that you get with Vanity:

  • 2 Colors (Pink & Aqua)
  • Carousel Article Slider
  • Customize your logo fast
  • Gravatar Support
  • Middle Category Section
  • Widget Ready
  • Customized Archives and Search Pages
  • Stylesheet switcher
  • Feedburner Integration
  • IE6, IE7, Firefox and Safari compatible
  • Extensive help and tutorial included
  • Turn all-or-individual banners on/off
  • Image Auto Resizer
  • Random Video Rotator (copy/paste code)
  • Flickr Integration

If you are looking for a good looking theme to start your own magazine , you should strongly consider Vanity.


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