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Video Flick 2.0

The folks at Press75 are responsible for some of the best video blogging themes available for the WordPress platforms. All their theme are highly customizable and come packed with tons of features. The latest theme for vloggers is VideoFlick 2.0. VideoFlick 2.0 has gone through dramatic changes that makes it a more attractive choice for vloggers. Let’s see what’s inside.


Video Flick comes in two flavors: dark, and light. You can change your themes settings easily on the backend without doing too much work. The theme is highly customizable as well. The logo can be changed easily. You can add ratings below each video (if you prefer). As you can see in the above image, your home-page comes with your posts and their associated thumbnails. Thumbnails can be easily added through a custom-field in the back-end. The theme has been updated to support threaded comments and other WP 2.7 exclusive features.

Video Flick 2.0 supports a number of services and formats including,,,, Google Video, and FLV (Flash Video), and the designer is planning to support many more formats in the near future.


On your sidebar, you have your tags and you ad spots. You can easily update them in the back-end. You also have a section for featured videos on your sidebar. So you’ll have plenty of opportunities to promote your top videos.


What I like about Video Flick 2.0 is the fact that it’s very easy to customize, and it can handle videos of all sizes. And it doesn’t hurt that it’s compatible with many video services. The theme is tailor-made for vloggers, which is why most of the features revolve around videos. The theme is going to cost you $75, which is very cheap for a such high quality theme. If you need more than one license, you may want to go for the unlimited package that gives you 5 additional cool themes + unlimited license for all of them. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

Download VideoFlick 2.0 here.


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You got to love the WordPress community. That’s probably the biggest advantage of using a platform such as WordPress. These guys don’t sleep and keep innovating and designing new things for other WordPress users to use. Video Flick Theme is one of those things. The theme is designed by Press75 specifically for folks who dream of running a movie WordPress blog. Let’s say you want to build your own movie review site. That’s going to be a snap with Video Flick.

Video Flick comes in two colors. In essence you get two themes for the price of one. The front page of this theme allows you to show case your favorite movies. Of course, when someone clicks on any of the links, a separate page opens up that they can use to see the movie trailer in full-screen.


Video Flick is a hybrid WordPress theme, which means you can add your very own review on each post under each video. [click to continue…]

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I had a story about WP.Element’s Jason moving on to doing bigger and better things. Jason’s new theme shows that he hasn’t been wasting anytime developing new themes. His RevolutionTV theme is arguably the best video-blogging theme I have seen.

The Revolution TV allows you to host your own video show on the Internet. On the right side, there is a section for the latest video episodes, and also you can promote your highest rated videos right below it. You are also provided with the place to actually blog about your videos:

The theme is well-designed but would be most likely useful only to super video-bloggers (someone like the star of Ask the Ninja). You can get the Revolution TV theme for free on Revolution 2, but I strongly recommend signing up for their Pro program. Not only you get support for all their themes with their pro program, but they also provide you with help on how to customize these themes. It sure as heck beats paying $1000s to create a custom theme made from scratch.

Ratings: 5/5. The theme is perfect even based on my picky standards. Vloggers rejoice.


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I don’t know about you, but I am a sucker for videoblogging themes. There is just something so attractive about the whole videoblogging issue that makes me a bit biased towards these themes. evid is the latest theme by elegantthemes that is designed for super videobloggers. In a glimpse, it is attractive and has everything videobloggers need to succeed.

eVid video-blogging theme comes with a news slider that allows you to feature your best WordPress video posts and allow your readers to slide through them. Call to action is built in, encourgaing folks to follow to your video page. The post pages all come with the below video player which not only is attractive but makes it easy for folks to embed your videos on their sites.

The main page also comes with proper ad places, which means you can easily monetize your videoblog. In addition, you get a recent news and videos section that you can use to get your visitors to go through your posts more easily.

Overall, eVid is an extremely attractive videoblogging theme, and it does come with the Photoshop files you need to modify the theme as you wish. You can get eVid theme and a selection of other themes on elegant themes. Here are some of the features in summary:


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Videoblogging is one of those trends that is catching fire these days. Videoblogging is becoming more and more popular as people spend more time consuming video online. Besides, there are things that you can only communicate through video and audio. Press75 has been known for having some of the best video blogging themes available on the market (I personally use TV.Elements for my blog. The good news is that Press75 has just released their best video WordPress theme in “On Demand.” So let’s dig in and see what makes On Demand WordPress theme special.

Design: I am sure you have heard of love on the first sight? Well, On Demand is absolutely incredible looking. You get a featured video section with the ability to flip videos by clicking on the left or right arrows. In addition, you get a category section, where your users can search for their favorite video posts based on your defined categories. The “sideblog” on the sidebar allows you to point to your non-video posts, which I think is great. The dark/light contrast of color on this theme makes it an incredible videoblogging theme. Let’s say you want to run a movie trailer blog. You can do so easily with On Demand (check out the sample site here).

Functionality: like other video themes by Press75, On Demand comes with a host of features for video bloggers. You can import posts from high definition video services such as or Vimeo. In addition, your users can rate videos and your highest rated videos show up in your right sidebar (see picture below). Of course, this theme is widget ready and compatible with the latest WordPress release.

Cons: This theme is great looking and comes with a lot of features, but no alternative CSS is provided unlike some other premium WordPress theme. In other words, you will need to either change the CSS yourself or hire someone to do it for you if you want a drastically different look. In addition, we would have liked to see the videos zoom out and play on the same page rather than opening up on the new page. That can however be fixed with minimal coding.

Pricing: On Demand comes with three different types of licenses. I do recommend you signing up for the developer license if you plan to change and reuse the theme for your clients:

Verdict: 4.75 out of 5. The theme is great looking and a must have for new video-bloggers. There are a few small areas that can be improved but nothing that should stop you from getting this theme. Considering that lifetime updates are included, we wouldn’t be surprised to see this theme get improved further in the near future.

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