How to Add Images & Videos To WordPress Comments: 3 Plugins

December 1st in Wordpress Plugins, Wordpress Tips by .

Content has always been king. But you are also going to need your readers to contribute to your site with comments and tips to grow faster. WordPress already has a fairly decent commenting system. Allowing your visitors to add images and videos to their comments can lead to better discussions and a higher user engagement rate for your site. Here are 3 WordPress plugins that let your visitors add videos and images to their comments:


Comment Images: allows your readers to easily attach an image to their comment. It supports the most popular image formats. It notifies your visitors if their image is not allowed to be uploaded.


oEmbed in Comments: it turns links into embedded content automatically by adding oEmbed support to comments.


Disqus: we use Disqus and Intense Debate to manage comments on our sites. These third-party commenting systems facilitate better discussions on your website.

There are many other plugins and scripts that add enhanced comments and videos to your site. We have had the most success with the above plugins.

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