How to Add Multiple Featured Images To WordPress Posts: 3 Plugins

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Many magazine and news WordPress themes rely on featured images to display your content properly. Adding a featured image to each post is easy. But what if you want to attach two featured images to each post? Not all sites need that but some do. These 3 plugins allow you to add multiple featured images to WordPress posts:

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Dynamic Featured Image: adds multiple featured images or thumbnails to posts, pages, and custom post types. You can call the images you add by using the appropriate dfi function.

featured images

Multiple Featured Images
: Multiple Featured Images lets you add as many images as you like. Its output is fully customizable.


Multiple Post Thumbnails
: lets you add multiple featured images to your posts. It’s pretty simple to use. Don’t forget to register the new thumbnail for the post type that you want it active for.

Most themes and plugins work just fine with one featured image per post. But if you need more, the above plugins have you covered.

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