How to Deal with Fake Traffic: 3 WordPress Plugins

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Most of us have heard and dealt with fake traffic in the past. We are talking about fake web-bots that visit sites for various reasons (e.g. to inflate traffic). As a webmaster, you don’t want fake traffic on your website as they don’t lead to any conversion for your business and could potentially harm it. There are many ways to deal with fake traffic and click fraud. If you don’t want to spend any time coding, you should check these 3 plugins to deal with this issue:


Wordfence Security
: a powerful security plugin that keeps your website safe against viruses and malicious attacks. It also handles malicious scans by hackers and botnets.

click fraud

AdSense Click-Fraud Monitoring Plugin
: AdSense fraud is a big deal. Many websites rely on AdSense revenue to stay afloat. Your competitors could always damage your site by committing click fraud. This plugin prevents malicious clicks by bots and human users.

fake traffic

Fake Traffic Blaster: Fake traffic can hurt your blog and its ranking in many ways. This plugin redirects suspicious traffic away from your blog.

Fake traffic may sound harmless but you would be surprised what hackers can do with their fake bots. The above plugins help you keep them at bay and protect your business.

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