6 Quality Kindle Plugins for WordPress

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Amazon Kindles are highly popular e-readers. Millions of people use these devices to read e-books at home and on the go. Kindle Fire owners will have a much easier time going through your website’s content on their device considering that it is a real tablet. But it never hurts to make your website Kindle friendly. Here are 6 Kindle plugins that let you do that:

send to kindle

Send to Kindle: the official Amazon Kindle plugin that enables your visitors to send your content to multiple Kindle devices. It is easy to customize and supports custom HTML.

Kindle This: a pretty cool plugin that lets your visitors send your content to their Kindle using Kindle.com’s automatic conversion feature. It is easy to implement and customizable too.

Readability Buttons: adds a readability.com widget to your site. It also gives your visitors the chance to send your content to their Kindle.

Print Friendly and PDF Button: not only makes your website printer friendly, it lets your readers grab your content in PDF format. Let’s not forget that most Kindles can handle PDF files well.

Anthologize: this powerful plugin turns your WordPress blog into an e-book, which you can export in PDF and Epub formats. Your final product should work on Kindles and NOOKs.

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WP Post to PDF: another handy plugin that lets your visitors download your articles in PDF format. You can always customize its settings.

You may not get a whole lot of traffic from people who own Kindles. But it never hurts to make your content Kindle friendly. The above plugins make that possible.

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